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Short DescriptionEdit

Airline Manager Features
  • You will hereafter do business under your new airline name in a world of airlines and competition between players from all around the world. The grand goal is to reach the Top 10 list - but along the twisted way to the top many achievements are to be made and challenges overcome. Do you have what it takes to run an airline with a profit.
  • A different approach is the stock market from which you can make rather large sums quickly if you have a nose for business. You are granted 1,000,000$ to purchase your first aircraft, and start your new route. Buy your new aicraft by clicking the "Fleet" link in the menu.
  • After creating your new route a good idea would be to set up an advertisement campaign from the "Flight" menu in order to reach more customers thus increasing income per flight.

Long DescriptionEdit

  • Airline Manager lets you create your very own airline, where you will be the manager in charge. You need to purchase new aircraft, create new routes, choose the seat configuration of your aircraft, perform maintenance, keep your staff happy and hire / fire staff, and much more.
  • You may create real-life routes from more than 3,000 airports around the world.
  • You have the unique opportunity to build an airline from scratch.
  • Another approach to earn money is the stock market, where you may invest in other airlines, either owned by your friends, or by strangers.
  • If you're interested in airlines or aircraft, this application is something for you.
  • We do not publish or share anything on your wall unless you choose to do so.
  • In-App purchases available.
  • Welcome to a world of aviation, we are looking forward to seeing you in Airline Manager.